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Give your child the nutrients he needs to grow up big and strong with these ideas for healthy meals, snacks, and more. Plus: What you need to know about breastfeeding toddlers, picky eaters, and daycare lunches.

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Toddler Formula vs. Cow's Milk: Experts Debunk What’s Best

What is toddler milk, and is the powdered drink beneficial for your little one? Here, experts weigh in on your child's diet after breastfeeding or formula-feeding.
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How to Raise a Vegan Baby

Ready to give your baby a vegan diet (except, you know—breast milk)? Here's how to ensure your child thrives on a meat-free, dairy-free diet.
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Is It Safe to Raise a Vegan Toddler?

Ensure your vegan toddler is getting proper nutrition with these dietician-approved tips.
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Mom-Shaming Nursing Ad Needs to Lighten Up

The "Your Child Eats What You Eat" ad campaign from Brazil's Pediatric Society of Rio Grande (SPRS) serves up a heaping dose of making moms feel bad.
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How I (Gently) Weaned My Breastfeeding Toddler

A milk-weary mama gets real about her love/hate relationship with extended breastfeeding, and the creative tools she discovered to wean her 34-month-old son. Check out some of her tips for weaning a toddler.
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How to Handle a Food-Obsessed Toddler

Try these doctor-recommended ways to keep your food-focused kid eating a healthy portion size.