Professional pancake artist Daniel Drake, a.k.a. Dancakes, flips up more than 75 Disney Pixar characters as delicious pancakes in a new YouTube video.

By Ellen Sturm Niz
August 24, 2015

All the Pinterest-star moms and dads out there who have been creating cute food art for their kiddos' breakfasts and lunches have just been majorly schooled. In a new YouTube video from Dancakes, professional pancake artist (yes, that's what he calls himself) Daniel Drake flips up the most amazing Disney Pixar-inspired flapjacks you've ever seen.

Using squeeze bottles of different colored batter, Drake draws spot-on versions of Nemo, Buzz Lightyear, Sully, Elastigirl, Princess Merida and dozen more characters from the animated films. When he flips the pancake art over, the character is even more impressive, perfectly highlighted, outlined, and colored. In all, her creates more than 75 pancake characters from all the Pixars movies.

One YouTube commenter asked what we're all thinking, "How do they even taste?" Drake's answer: "It's food gel, so no taste, they taste like delicious buttermilk pancakes!"

Doctor Dan the Pancake Man—he also calls himself that—started flipping pancake art six years ago as a frycook and has since exploded into a media phenom, showcasing his batter brilliance on TV shows and in magazines and newspapers. You can also book the St. Louis-based Drake for birthday parties and other events, so you could experience his pancakes for yourself—for a price, of course. Can you imagine how many brownie—er, pancake?—points a parent would earn having him show up to cook a sleepover breakfast?!

What fun pancake creations do you wish Doctor Dan would create? "If you wanna challenge me, do it," Drake says on his website, so here goes ... I'm thinking all the presidents? Famous buildings? The Seven Wonders of the World? Let's see it, Dan!

Ellen Sturm Niz is a New York City-based editor and writer who is now really craving pancakes. Check out Ellen's new Etsy shop and follow her on Twitter and Pinterest.


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