Pinterest has made me feel like I can accomplish anything with perfection. All I need to do is Pin it with confidence! If you look at my Pinterest board, you will see my aspirations of preparing delectable meals and decadent desserts. But no worries about calories--I also have a board of fitness pins to keep me trim as a swimsuit model. My "Kid Stuff" board makes me look like the perfect mom who does perfect activities with her perfect kids. Ha!

I have an abundance of great ideas pinned, but as a mom, I'm busy. I can't find the time during the week to plan and fit in crafts and activities for each day of the week. Some days I'm lucky if we get out of our pajamas by the time their dad gets home from work.

But on those rare occasions when I feel like I can accomplish anything, I look to my Pinterest board for ideas. What can I make with the kids today? I search with aspirations of a project worthy enough to share the results on Facebook. Look at me! Mom of the year! That's what Facebook is for, right? ;)

Last week I was feeling it, so I decided to try the Rainbow in a Jar experiment from a blog called Sweet and Simple Things.

How cool does this look! My kids would love it.

So we gathered the materials and followed the instructions. When we finished, here was our result. I don't think we will be finding gold at the end of this rainbow!

Our results from our Rainbow in a Jar experiment

This reminds me of our Easter Pinterest fail. I am horrible at peeling hard-boiled eggs. I can never get the shells off. Pinterest to the rescue! There is a kitchen hack that allows you to perfectly peel an egg in less than five seconds. Here's proof from A Thrifty Mom. You simply put the egg in a jar, add some water, and shake it.

I called my son over to help me with this task. He loves to help with anything in the kitchen. I got the egg ready and gave the jar to my son to shake. In no more than three shakes, here's what we got. (Keep in mind that my three-year-old does not have superhuman strength.)

Here are our results from trying to peel an egg in a jar.

And so it goes....

I do not have the crafty abilities of the many other talented moms who post their ideas on the Internet. Sometimes projects with my kids turn out, and sometimes they don't. In my house, it's not a Pinterest-perfect world.

I don't think that's what the world is meant to be anyway. Moms aren't perfect. Kids aren't perfect. But you know what? My son isn't worried if our projects don't turn out. He didn't care that our rainbow jar looked like oily sludge. He had a blast measuring ingredients and adding food coloring.

My son measuring ingredients for the rainbow in a jar activity

He thought it was awesome that our egg got all smashed up.

It's not about the final outcome at all. It's about the journey. The steps we take to try for that ultimate result. It's about taking the time to experiment and try new things with our kids. These are the moments that they will remember, and I guarantee there will be laughs along the way.

So keep pinning all of those great ideas that you find. The next time you have spare time (what's that?!) try a project with your kid. Maybe it will turn out perfectly. Maybe it won't. Oh, and if it completely fails, send me a pic. I'd love to laugh about it with you!

Jodi Reardon is a former teacher who gave up her classroom to be a full-time mom. She enjoys writing (when there's free time!) and is the founder of the blog Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.