You might not recognize their names, but they're the biggest stars on YouTube and your children are hooked.
Miranda Sings Screen Shot
Credit: Miranda Sings/YouTube

In a world where parents everywhere regularly binge-watch the latest Netflix drama, it should come as no surprise that kids with access to the Internet are flocking to addictive YouTube shows. You might not recognize their names, but they're the biggest stars in kids' digital entertainment. See who your kids are watching—and why they're hooked.

Miranda Sings (4.7 million+ subscribers)

Behind the Videos: Colleen Ballinger Evans, 28, created this alter ego in 2008 as a joke to parody bad musicians on YouTube.

Persona: Miranda can't sing well, her signature red lipstick is always a hot mess, and her fashion sense is akin to that of a toddler who dressed herself.

Mom's Take: Her over-the-top, quirky lessons in self-esteem are simply refreshing—even if they borderline make our ears bleed.

FunToyzCollector (5 million+ subscribers)

Behind the Videos: All we really know about this vlogger is that she earned an estimated $4.9 million from her YouTube channel in 2014.

Persona: With intricately painted nails, she unwraps and plays with various children's toys, giving a virtual tour of coveted playthings.

Mom's Take: The webisodes are appropriate for all ages, if you're cool with continuous product placement as entertainment.

Stampylonghead (6 million+ subscribers)

Behind the Videos: Joseph Garrett, a 24-year-old from England, is known for his major Minecraft skills.

Persona: Stampy is a storytelling, larger-than-life character who eats cake for breakfast and invites his friends to join him on adventures.

Mom's Take: Stampy is basically the Mister Rogers of the YouTube set, often disguised as a pixelated cat in the Minecraft world.

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