Your Kid Can Bring Unicorns to Life With This Must-Have Build-a-Bear Stuffed Animal

Because one can never have too many unicorns.

Because one can never have too many unicorns.

There has been yet another unicorn sighting, and we can’t say we are surprised—this time at Build-a-Bear Workshops around the country. Unicorn-obsessed children can now create their own mystical creature as a part of the DIY toy store’s new Beary Fairy Friends collection, and the results are magical.

The gorgeous (yes, a plush toy can be gorgeous) Enchanted Unicorn will reign elite in any toy chest with its lavender fur, wispy rainbow mane, and sparkly pink horn for $25.50.

It wouldn’t seem right to buy the unicorn and not purchase that matching pink sequin dress with a flowing tulle skirt. Although the dress will cost you $15.00 (ouch) it’s a must-have to complete the look.

Courtesy of Build-a-Bear

To customize your creation, even more, Build-a-Bear offers light up wings, a flower crown, multiple outfit options, sounds, and scents for an additional price. This way your child's unicorn unlike any other!

We have a feeling this Enchanted Unicorn is going to bring a whole new level of adventure to playtime—the more magic, the better.


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