There's now a pink unicorn available & one can never have too many unicorns!


By Lauren Pardee

There has been yet another unicorn sighting, and we can’t say we are surprised—this time at Build-a-Bear Workshops around the country. Unicorn-obsessed children can now create their own mystical creature as a part of the DIY toy store’s new Beary Fairy Friends collection, and the results are magical.

The gorgeous (yes, a plush toy can be gorgeous) Pink Unicorn Fairy Friend will reign elite in any toy chest with its pink fur, wispy rainbow mane, and sparkly purple horn for $25.50.

It wouldn’t seem right to buy the unicorn and not purchase that matching purple sequin dress with a flowing tulle skirt. Although the dress will cost you $15.00 (ouch) it’s a must-have to complete the look.

We have a feeling this Enchanted Unicorn is going to bring a whole new level of adventure to playtime—the more magic, the better.


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