Sniff. So sweet, and totally worth trying out with your school-bound child.

Every morning I watch my six-year-old's bus pull away from her stop, and her little face peers out at me from the window, her lower lip pushed out in a sad face. She waves as if we are to be separated for weeks. It breaks my heart.

That's why I love the hug button idea that a mom in England recently shared on Facebook. Louise Mallett, a mom of three, has gone viral after she wrote a post about the genius and adorable way she helped to quell her son's separation anxiety as he headed off to school.

"So my littlest baby had his first all dayer at school today, having been in for a couple of morning settling in sessions. I could tell he was feeling a little emotional this morning so we had a chat and came up with the idea of having a heart each and if we pressed it it sent a hug to the other one," Mallett explained about the photo she shared of matching hearts drawn on both her hand, and her son's hand.

She goes on to explain that her 4-year-old Max cried and said he missed her after a half day of school last week, but that the hug button had "totally worked." Mallett adds she drew a spare heart on her son's arm "in case the one on his hand wore off." She also shares, "We 'charged' them by holding hands on the way to school and when I picked it up I said did you get my hugs and he happily said yep!"

How sweet is that? And how much am I going to steal this idea? Incidentally, as The Huffington Post reports, this idea is similar to the premise of the popular kid's book The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn.

This brilliant mama also wrote in her post about her son, "He also said 'I pressed it for a long time mummy but I didn't cry' so I said ahhhh that will be that big squeeze I get, did you get my big squeeze back?' and he said yep ! Bless him , here's to many more happy days at school while I sit at home with the dog and cry that all my babies are at school now."

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I doubt I'll be the only mama drawing a hug button on hers and her kiddo's hands for school next week! The only question is: Who will press it more; you or your child?

Melissa Willets is a writer, mom and coffee devotee. Find her on Facebook and Instagram where she chronicles her life momming under the influence. Of yoga.