Of course the pop star shared a video of herself acting like a helicopter mom ... from a motorcycle.

By Maressa Brown
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Through her super-relatable Instagram posts, Pink is constantly showing us what a normal mom she is. She has to take floor-sitting breaks while pregnant and nurses her L.O. while getting her hair and makeup done. Her eldest, daughter Willow, is obsessed with losing her baby teeth. But every now and then, Pink also likes to flaunt her badass spin on parenting, and her latest post definitely does just that. Pink owned up to being a bit of a helicopter mama -- but of course in the coolest way you could possibly be.

The celeb mama took to Instagram to share a video of herself on a motorcycle with the caption, "These are the videos I send to my daughter while I'm out with papa ❤️❤️❤️ even when I'm on a motorcycle I'm still a helicopter."

So fun!

Props to Pink for owning up to her helicopter mom tendencies! If you're gonna do it, might as well do it from a lovely weekend motorcycle ride with your partner, right?



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