By Hannah Werthan

As you are probably well aware, there are a ton of videos on YouTube where parents announce to their kids that they are going to be big sisters or big brothers. Usually, the response is a. a lot of cheering, b. a lot of crying, or c. all of the above. However, not every kid has an emotional response, and when that happens, things can sometimes get even funnier. Case in point: Two-year-old Kathryn's reaction to her father's cute announcement that she was going to have a baby brother or sister. Trust me -- you won't be expecting what comes out of her mouth. Toddlers really do say the most surprising things!

By the way, how is it that parents are able to capture such amazing moments on camera? If/when I become a mom, I feel like I'm going to have my iPhone camera rolling at all times in the hopes of catching some viral video gold.

Hannah Werthan is the assistant editor for She cried and hid in her room when she got the devastating news she was going to be a big sister (twice). Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.



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