This adorable video of a couple of police officers pulling over two toddlers in a toy Range Rover will seriously make your day.

Calling all cars, calling all cars! Spotted: Two dudes in matching shirts out for a joy ride in a convertible black Range Rover with red trim. Subjects are unlicensed, unarmed... and approximately 2 years of age.

That's right—when twin toddlers Aaron and Evan decided to take their snazzy toy SUV out for a spin in New York City the other day, the NYPD jumped into the pint-sized action by playfully apprehending the not-yet-licensed-to-drive youngsters. And it is seriously one of the cutest things we've ever seen!

Check out this pic the boys' dad Alex posted over on his Instagram:

So cute, right? And of course, Alex also posted a bunch of videos of the whole adorable encounter.

"Awww man," one of the officers from the 34th precinct in Washington Heights can be heard saying as he approaches the car. "License and registration."

Hilarious! And we just love how the boys make a big show of checking the glove box. Of course, when they inevitably come up empty-handed, the cop hands them a ticket.

In a second video, the bewildered boys check out their citation, then hand it back to the officers in exchange for a couple of high-fives.

Looks like they got off pretty easy!

"We're stopping traffic over here on St. Nicholas," their dad can be heard saying in the background. "Only in New York."

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