We can't all pull off a photo shoot like this photographer dad did, but holy Batman is it awesome!

By Melissa Willets
October 24, 2016

Too bad we don't all have a dad who's a photographer like Utah-based Josh Rossi. Because he just put us all to shame with an empowering Halloween photo shoot starring his adorable 3-year-old daughter Nellee as Wonder Woman.

Rossi told The Huffington Post about his inspiration, "I was wracking my brain to figure out who would best represent my daughter, and I finally came up with Wonder Woman." Aww.

wonder woman photo shoot
Credit: Josh Rossi/Instagram

And this photo shoot (which was worked around snacks and nap time, natch) wasn't just slapped together. The Huffington Post reports that Rossi spent a full month collaborating with a costume designer to create a $1,500 mini-Wonder Woman outfit for Nellee. "She was so obsessed she wouldn't take it off," Rossi said.

And while most of us don't have the budget or talent, or a team (Rossi's included his pregnant wife!), to pull off the resulting, totally-epic photo shoot this dad did, he hopes the images of his daughter will serve to uplift little girls everywhere. "I think Wonder Woman is a good role model because she shows that women can be just as powerful—if not more—than men," Rossi told us. "Also, I want my daughter to grow up with a role model that isn't all about the physical. Boys grow up with superheroes that inspire them to be strong and courageous, whereas girls don't have many woman action figures."

wonder woman photo shoot 2
Credit: Josh Rossi/Instagram

As a mom of three girls, I can get behind that message!

And so can my own 3-year-old, apparently. I showed her the images, and she started making all sorts of daring faces, coupled with brave poses. I may just have my own budding Wonder Woman over here!

wonder woman photo shoot 3
Credit: Josh Rossi/Instagram

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