You Have to See This Little Girl Who Dresses Up as Famous Fierce Females

Adorable 5-year-old Scout Larson dresses up as famous strong women in honor of her grandmother, who beat breast cancer.

Five-year-old Scout Larson loves to dress up as strong, resilient characters and celebrities.

Like Princess Leia:

Scout as Princess Leia
Courtesy Ashley Larson

Mindy Kaling:

Scout as Mindy Kaling
Courtesy Ashley Larson

Frida Kahlo:

Scout as Frida Kahlo
Courtesy Ashley Larson

And Taylor Swift:

Scout as Taylor Swift
Courtesy Ashley Larson

So cool!

Scout's mom Ashley is the mastermind behind the project, which came to life when her own mother was fighting breast cancer. "I'm a photographer and when my mom started to get sick I stopped taking clients—my heart just wasn't in it," Ashley explained to "I put my focus on my family instead. Scout has always loved the camera, so to keep my mind busy, I began brainstorming on a project for us to do—something that would remind both of us just how strong women are."

And so Ashley selected a roll call of some seriously fierce and funny women for her little girl to emulate, including Meryl Streep, Adele, Ellen DeGeneres, and Betty White:

Scout as Meryl Streep
Courtesy Ashley Larson
Scout as Adele
Courtesy Ashley Larson
Scout as Ellen Degeneres
Courtesy Ashley Larson
Scout as Betty White
Courtesy Ashley Larson

"There are a few favorites of mine, a few of my mom's," she told us, adding that it's Scout who has the ultimate say. "I teach her a bit about each person and then we choose the photo of them together. Scout chooses the cute outfit and pose. But now we're shooting Scout's list! And you guessed it—it's Disney!"

Scout as Moana
Courtesy Ashley Larson

Check out that sassy stance! According to Ashley, Scout wants to be Moana when she grows up, so this photo is one of her favorites. The other is the one she took with the woman who inspired the project in the first place—her Nonnie, who is now cancer-free:

Scout and Nonnie
Courtesy Ashley Larson

Beyond amazing! We can't wait to see more from these three courageous ladies!

For more fearless photos, follow Scout on Instagram @hello.scout.

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