Australian comedian Celeste Barber hilariously recreates celebrity Instagram photos, including many celeb parents.

By Hollee Actman Becker
January 06, 2016

Have you guys heard of Celeste Barber?

The Australian comedian is making a name for herself by hilariously recreating some of the the most blatant oh-cmon-we-all-know-they're-posed celebrity Instagrams shots of 2015, and then posting side-by-sides of the originals and her awesome re-enactments.

Using the hashtag #celestephotochallenge on her Instagram feed, Barber has mocked everyone from Kim Kardashian rolling around in silver paint and Jessica Simpson casually sticking her head out of the car window, to Kendall Jenner rocking her famous head of heart hair and 50 Cent chillin with change.

But our favorite posts, natch, are the ones where Barber takes on popular celebrity parents.

Like this one, for example, where she shows us all how to travel like Beyonce, minus the private plane: "I have a great idea. Let's take the kids on a holiday! SAID NO ONE THAT FLIES COMMERCIAL!!!!"

Celeste Barber/Instagram

Or this one, where the comedian takes on Coco's (seriously impressive) post-baby bod: "1 week post baby. Celeste 20 months post baby. Both HOT both VERY CONFIDENT!"

Celeste Barber/Instagram

And then we have this post, where Barber attempts to be a serene old chip off Jenny's very glamorous block: "Whatever gets you through ladies. Whatever gets you through."

Celeste Barber/Instagram

We could go on, but we think this commenter summed it up best:

tarinoviii@susanw71: this chick is f*$king amazing

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