When Clarke Greene told her parents she wanted a Hamilton-themed birthday party, they did not throw away their shot to plan one for her.

When Clarke Greene asked her parents to take her and all of her friends to see the Broadway show Hamilton for her 8th birthday, they knew scoring tickets for that many kids was pretty much out of the question. So they threw their Broadway baby a killer (no pun intended) Hamilton-themed birthday party at Fraunces Tavern in New York instead, where 27 kids joined the birthday girl for crafts, a museum tour, a scavenger hunt themed after the musical, and a little karaoke, before leaving with a goody bag that included paper dolls of the characters, American flag pens, and mini U.S. Constitutions.

Clarke 8th Birthday Hamilton 1
Credit: Greene Light Photography

So cool, right? And get this—the young Hamilton fan has not actually even seen the hip-hop musical yet.

Clarke 8th Birthday Hamilton 8
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"My wife and I went last year for her birthday and Clarke has not let us forget that we didn't take her," dad Hayden Greene explained to Parents.com. "We tried to explain that the tickets are expensive and hard to get, but she's not interested in excuses!"

Clarke 8th Birthday Hamilton 15
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Can't say that we blame her!

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Clarke 8th Birthday Hamilton 5
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Before the couple went to the show, they listened to the soundtrack in the car pretty much nonstop, and that's when Clarke fell in love with the infectious music and soon knew all the lyrics by heart.

"I believe that one of the reasons she loves it is because it connects her with us," Hayden explained. "Kids love it when they can participate in something they consider to be adult stuff."

Clarke 8th Birthday Hamilton 2
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Like this cake, perhaps, which was inspired by the design on the show's Playbill cover that features an image of the famous Burr-Hamilton duel:

Clarke 8th Birthday Hamilton 13
Credit: Greene Light Photography

So on-point, we think even Lin-Manuel Miranda himself would want a slice!

Clarke 8th Birthday Hamilton 3
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Of course, not every 8-year-old in attendance was familiar the show. But even those who weren't had a blast participating in the scavenger hunt and singing along with the soundtrack while waiting for their food to come out.

Clarke 8th Birthday Hamilton 10
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"We didn't think her classmates would be interested in a Hamilton party," Hayden explained. "Boy were we wrong!"

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