Fly swatter, spatula, dog bone...this little guy will use anything he can get his hands on to practice his golf swing.


Eighteen-month-old Sam Blewett of Adelaide, Australia is giving circa-1978 Tiger Woods a run for his money with his super-advanced golf skills. The tot, whose father Greg is a former cricket player with the country's national team, can already swing a golf club better than plenty of the grown men I've seen out on the course near my parents' house, and he isn't even in preschool!

According to his mom Katheryn, when Sam isn't practicing his swing, he's watching golf on TV. You know, to pick up some tips on improving his handicap. As a caption to an Instagram video of the future PGA Tour winner intently studying golf on television, the proud mama writes, "The true definition of GOLF IS LIFE...If Sam doesn't have a club in his hand, this is what you will find him doing around the house.ALL.DAY.EVERY.DAY."

We then see a mashup of clips of Sam perfecting his form, using a hair brush, a fly swatter, pots and pans, a spatula, a spoon, and even what appears to be a dog bone, and just about anything else he can get his hands on. Dedicated much, Sam?

Incidentally, this junior golf whiz can actually use a real club to hit a real golf ball too, as evidenced by another video his mom posted to Instagram (that has been viewed 16.8 million times!)

But, um, Sam isn't perfect. In another clip, we see him accidentally toss his club over this shoulder. Oops! I mean, he isn't even 2 years old yet!

I'd say this kiddo is destined for big things. In the near future, that might be a visit to the Ellen Degeneres show:

Tiger who?

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