The fact that this tough guy took time out for tea with his little girl is giving us all the feels.


Keven Porter is a Drill Instructor in the U.S. Marine Corps. And due to his demanding work schedule, he often misses out on one-on-one time with his 4-year-old daughter Ashley. Which is why his wife Lizette decided to surprise him by setting up a secret tea party and photo shoot for the father-daughter duo.

Marine Dad Tea Party
Credit: Kyndal Rose Photography
Marine Dad Tea Party Kiss
Credit: Kyndal Rose Photography

"My husband had no idea what was going to happen until we showed up to the shoot," Lizette told ABC News. "He was hesitant at first, but... he would do anything for Ashley. She doesn't get to see him much due to work, deployment, and his job as a drill instructor. Any time they can get together she is sure to take advantage of."

Marine Dad Tea Party Dance
Credit: Kyndal Rose Photography

So sweet! We just LOVE this idea! So how did the clever mama pull the whole caper off? She started by sending photoghrapher Kyndal Rose a picture of the dress Ashley would be wearing, and then Kyndal created the rest of the scene to match it.

"It was a lot of fun and Ashley had the biggest smile throughout the entire shoot," Kyndal told "She was loving every minute of it."

Marine Dad Tea Party Smile
Credit: Kyndal Rose Photography

Lizette told ABC that part of her motivation for the shoot was to help show off the softer side of military men. "Drill instructors still have a life after working long and hard hours," she explained. "Many of them have families that they still have to attend to...and yes, a lot of them have a completely different side to them."

In this case, that side includes some serious tea-pouring skills. Seriously though, how nice is it to see such a tough guy embracing his girly side to enjoy such a precious afternoon with his daughter? What a truly priceless gift he has given to both of the amazing ladies in his life!

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