Gisele Bundchen has posted several photos of her and baby daughter Vivian practicing yoga together.

By Christine Coppa
September 15, 2015
gisele bundchen practicing downward dog with daughter Vivian
Credit: Instagram user Gisele

Namaste! Supermodel Gisele Bundchen does yoga with her youngest of three kids. The hot mama has posted some pretty cute photos to her Instagram account of baby Vivian, just 11 months old, mimicking her movements. In one photo, Vivian is shown practicing downward dog right under her toned mama. Bundchen perfectly captioned the photo: "I just can't take it!! #love #yogapartner." They do look awesome striking a pose!

What's cool is that Bundchen seems so zen in these pics—a nice reminder that us moms need to chill out sometimes. Yoga has always been a special activity for Bundchen and her mini-me daughter—the workout buddies began yoga sessions when baby Vivi was just six months old.

Gisele Bundchen doing yoga with daughter
Credit: Instagram user Gisele

"Thank you auntie Fafi for capturing this special moment," the 33-year-old wrote, referring to this photo of a smiley Vivi copy-catting her mommy, by reaching high for the sky—arms above her head.

Gisele Bundchen and baby doing yoga at sunset
Credit: Instagram user Gisele

"My favorite acro yoga partner!! #infinitelove," the former Victoria's Secret Angel posted with the photo above.

Hmmmm, we're assuming her sons Ben, 3, and John, 5, are making touchdowns with their quarterback dad. But we'd also love to see Vivi on the football field, while the boys meditate with mom. After all, girls can do anything boys can—and vice versa!