Yikes! Toddler Calls 911 for Fashion Emergency

This 2-year-old must have been having a major wardrobe malfunction.
Margaret Miller/Getty Images

For my 2-year-old, getting dressed is a big deal. She's very particular about what she will wear, from her shirt, to her socks; and sometimes she refuses to wear either of those articles of clothing. Some days, only a leotard over pajamas will do, or a princess dress with slippers.

For the most part, I let her have her way when it comes to wardrobe, because it's just not worth the fight. And boy, does she fight! Tears, tantrums, and worse...but not quite as bad as what one toddler did when her outfit wasn't going as planned.

A South Carolina tot actually called 911 with a wardrobe emergency, according to ABC News. The Greenville County Sheriff's Office says the 2-year-old reported needing help getting dressed.

Of course, her parents had no idea their little girl was calling in reinforcements for her pants not being pulled up far enough. As Deputy Martha Lohnes, who was in the neighborhood and responded to the cry for slacks assistance, describes, the mini-fashion victim couldn't quite get her pants up to her waist.

Has someone ever used your pants as a paper towel? Have you ever chased someone into the middle of the street while he laughs like it’s no big deal? If the answer is yes to one (or all!) of these questions, then you have a toddler.

As silly as the episode sounds, Lohnes says the interaction was the best part of her day. And in case you're wondering, as I was: Yes, the parents were home when this happened, so no true emergency was taking place.

What is the craziest thing your toddler has ever done, or worn, when it comes to getting dressed for the day?

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