Today in horrifying science news: most kids with their own cell phones end up with lice within five years. Insert scream emoji here.

By Lindsay Tigar
July 07, 2017
Nenetus, Shutterstock

Real talk mamas: from the moment your toddler figured out how to swipe open your phone, launch the camera and push a button, your memory has been filled with adorably-ridiculous selfies of your baby. And while it might be a bit gross to clean up whatever-the-heck-is-on-their-sticky-fingers from your home button, you mostly treasure those surprise photos that show up when you scroll. But what about when they reach an age where getting their own cell phone is a thing? In addition to worrying about cyber bullying, propositions for inappropriate images and too much screen time, you might have to worry about that iPhone giving your kid lice, according to a new study.

Research from Oxford University recently shared that 62.5 percent of kids with cellphones get head lice within five years. Apparently, those kiddos who are sans-smartphone only have a 29.5 percent chance of getting those filthy hair critters - a significant difference. What's the reasoning? Apparently, those pre-teen sleepovers in the summer are ripe with infestation thanks to lazy beach and pool days, where your babes are spending more time snapping selfies than washing their hair.

Though it's pretty funny, it's also a classic case of correlation, not causation, so try not to chase your kid and their friends around with dry shampoo in fear. Instead, keep a pulse on their overall hygiene and look out for warning signs they may be at risk for attracting the crawlers. When in doubt, you can also stop by a local location of Lice Clinics of America, who will work with your family to make sure you're all healthy and lice-free!


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