Well, this isn't going to be easy to wash off...
little girl covered in permanent marker
Credit: Ed Howie/YouTube

No, just no. That is my reaction to a video featuring a 3-year-old girl from the U.K. who decided to turn her 18-month-old sister into a zebra; permanently.

According to U.K. Yahoo News, the "artist" is named Sovereign, and her canvas is Pippen. From head to toe, Sovereign has taken a black permanent marker to Pippen's skin and drawn zebra stripes on her. She's even remembered to stripe her sister's bare bum, and her eyelids.

When confronted by her mom Amy about what she'd done, Sovereign doesn't see what the problem is. She's simply turned Pippen into a wild animal. So what?

I cannot imagine what I would do if I came across this scene at my house. I'm sure part of me would find it extremely hilarious. But then the practical side of me would take over. I mean, how do you get permanent marker off every inch of a child's skin? (Answer: It takes a while, and more than a few baths.) No doubt Pippen will be seen in public wearing remnants of her stripes for days.

While my kids have never gotten into quite this much trouble, I've discovered some major messes after leaving them alone for a few moments. One time my girls thought it would be a great idea to wash the money from their piggy banks in the sink. Not so much. Another time they cut sheets of paper into teeny tiny little pieces and it. Was. Everywhere.

But anything involving permanent marker is just bad. The only thing worse is super glue, which my friend's daughter recently used to adhere her fingers together. Bottom line: Kids think of really messed up things to do. It's unavoidable. The only way to prevent it is to lock up any supplies they could use to completely vandalize the house, or each other. But then again, they'll probably find some other way to create trouble, right?

What's the biggest mess your child has ever made?

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