And why you'll probaably be happy about it.

By Hollee Actman Becker
September 08, 2016

Good news for all the parents out there with budding inventors on their hands: Multimedia company GoldieBlox has just announced the release of a new YouTube series called "Toy Hackers" that will teach kids how to, well, hack their toys.

Each week, viewers will learn how to build real inventions using everyday household objects and a little creatviity—things like a DIY boombox made out of two plastic cups and a paper towel roll and a pretty kickass pinata made with a little ribbon and a regular old beach bucket.

So cool!

And the best part is that the kids watching at home will get to hack along, since each "Toy Hackers" episode will also include a step-by-step tutorial led by YouTube star and "queen of sh*tty robots" Simone Giertz. The video blogger has basically made a business out of building and then testing out robots that may or may not do what they're supposed to do—help her put on lipstick, for example—and she couldn't be more excited to be part of this project.

"[Kids] have the power to shape the world around us," Giertz told "Many people, big and small, are scared of even trying to pick stuff apart, and I want to give them the experience of not only that, but also turning it into something else."

Giertz wanted to be an inventor growing up and says she's created things all her life. "I took apart a lot of toys as a kid, and built things out of scrap parts from our backyard," she revealed to us. "I just love toys that are tools rather than end-products, and think kids should deliberately break more things to figure out how they work and how they can repurpose them. Spoken like a true non-parent [laughs]."

Speaking of which... we wondered if the guru of re-invention could help us come up with a hack for, say, getting a baby to stop crying?

"I don't think I'd ever let one of my machines close to a baby," she joked. "But if there's one thing I'd like to automate in childcare then maybe a diaper robot? Would probably make the baby cry more, not less, though."

Still, I know a lot of parents who'd shell out some serious coin if that one ever came to fruition!

Hollee Actman Becker is a freelance writer, blogger, and a mom. Check out her website for more, and then follow her on Twitter at @holleewoodworld.


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