A Florida mom is teaching her boys an important lesson in a hilarious way.


At one time, people couldn't stop wagging their tongues about moms wearing yoga pants to school dropoff. Now, one mom from Winter Springs, Florida is making headlines for rocking a full-on T-Rex costume to walk her sons to school. A member of Leslie Eggenberger's community recently snapped and posted a video of the mom accompanying of one with her two sons.

Here's a screenshot of the funny snap.

The reception has been amazing — and the reason Eggenberger is wearing the costume is even better. Eggenberger old local news outlet WSVN she does it to send an important message to her boys, Max and Jacob. “I want them to be uniquely themselves and never question what they do because of what people think,” she explained. “I try to do things like that with them all the time, but I guess this one is more extreme, and it got a lot of attention. ... [Max] was so surprised to see that so many people had watched the video. He started jumping up and down saying, ‘I’m famous, I’m famous.'”

Check out the awesome footage of Eggenberger in the dinosaur get-up, which she says she tries to wear as often as she can.

Eggenberger hopes that it's not just her own boys who learn something from her costume-wearing. “I hope a lot of people actually, maybe, show it to their kids and just do things like that with their kids, because this is also what our kids are going to remember, these silly memories that we make together,” she tells WSVN. Awesome. More power to this badass, brave mom! She's clearly teaching her sons a valuable lesson — in a ridiculously fun way!