Not only is this couple parents to three sets of twins, but all six of their children just happened to be born on February 28. 

By Maressa Brown
April 20, 2017
Kosinski family of six kids with three sets of twins
Credit: Craig Kosinski/GoFundMe

If you have more than one little one, imagine celebrating all of their b-days on the same day. Would it be overwhelming? Or actually kinda awesome to be able to have a big family celebration once a year? For Carrie and Craig Kosinski, parents of three sets of twins from Wisconsin, marking all six of their kids' birthdays on the same exact day is a blessing. Yes, all six kids were born on the same day!

Four years ago, the couple adopted Carrie's friend's twins. Then, a year later, the same friend asked if they'd like to adopt her older set of twins, and they said yes. Finally, in 2016, Carrie gave birth to a set of twin girls, Clarissa and Karraline. And all of the kids were born on February 28! Yep, kind of like This Is Us. No joke!

Carrie tells The Huffington Post that she and Craig now have legal guardianship of JJ and CeCe (born February 28, 2013) and Adalynn and Kenna (born the same day in 2014). They are in the process of adopting the four children and are raising the finances for that through GoFundMe.

Kosinski family eldest twins adopted
Credit: Craig Kosinski/GoFundMe

The couple also shared that for the kids' birthday this past year, the family went to a candy store called Sugar Shack Sweet Shop and indoor playland called Monkey Joe’s. Although they haven't started a tradition for the big day just yet, they plan to.

No matter what they do, the kids' birthday "will forever be super special in our hearts,” Carrie told HuffPost. Emphasizing how "wonderful" adoption is and encouraging anyone who's interested in it to open their "homes and hearts" to kids in need, she shared, "We are truly blessed to be able to call them ours and raise them."