Who Knew Mom-Shaming Was This Big of a Problem?

Most of us have been mom-shamed at some point; but it's a much larger issue than we may have imagined.

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One time I wrote a story about formula-feeding my baby, and was shamed by another mom, who told me I didn't deserve to be a parent. True story. So I'm no stranger to mom-shaming. It turns out I am so not alone. Because a new survey conducted by the app mom.life found that 80 percent of moms have been shamed and bullied for their parenting choices.

The app surveyed more than 200 American women, most of whom were no strangers to being at the receiving end of unsolicited advice and criticism surrounding polarizing issues like breastfeeding in public. In fact, how you feed your baby was the top reason moms were shamed, something I can most certainly attest to!

But here's where the survey gets super-interesting: Despite so many mamas being shamed by their peers, and even though negative comments about them most certainly take a hit on their self-esteem and self-confidence, less than 1 percent of moms have actually changed their parenting beliefs due to others' judgment.

The mean-spirited attack on my parenting I suffered online didn't spur me to toss my baby-feeding plan. Because I knew it was right for me. Still, it must be said I was deeply bothered by what was said in this instance, and in others.

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In light of its survey, mom.life hopes to rally public support for moms to embrace different parenting styles, and support one another. If you feel so inclined, you can support the cause by using the hashtag #StopMomShaming on social media.

It's a great mission. I'd certainly love to see less judgment and more minding-your-own-beeswax!

What's your take?

Melissa Willets is a writer/blogger and a mom. Find her on Facebook where she chronicles her life momming under the influence. Of coffee.

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