What's Up Moms Confess: Why I Love Your Kid's Meltdown

Your kid throwing a tantrum it public is pretty much the worst, but when it happens to another parent? The What's Up Moms and friends dish this sitch in a new episode of "Moms Confess," which debuts every Tuesday exclusively on Parents.com.

Let's face it: When your kid throws a tantrum out it public, it pretty much sucks. You feel watched and judged—and then to make matters worse, a bizarre need to start justifying and apologizing for the situation suddenly kicks in. "Sorry, he skipped his nap today..."

You know what I'm talking about, right? But when it's another person's kid in major meltdown mode? Well, that's a different story altogether. For starters, there's relief in the realization that it's finally happening to someone else and not you—YES!—followed by an overwhelming sense of comfort in the fact that you are not, as you thought, the only one who can't control your kid outside the house.

Watch above as the hilarious moms from What's Up Moms spill all their thoughts about "Why I love your kid's meltdown..."

Feel free to share YOUR own meltdown confessions in the comments.

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