Kids have a million excuses to stay up past their bedtime. Here, the What's Up Moms and friends get real about the many techniques they've used to shorten the bedtime routine.


Bedtime seems to go on forever. Your kid is suddenly hungry. Or thirsty. Or itchy. It's too hot in the room. Or too cold. The covers don't feel right. The book isn't over yet. There's still one more song to sing. And don't forget about all those gnarly monsters in the closet, ready to come out and attack the minute the lights go out.

Pretty sure we've all been there. Which is why many of us have come up with our own tricks to try to make the bedtime routine a little more painless. You know, things like setting the clocks in your kid's room ahead an hour, stashing the longest books on a high shelf, and maybe skipping out on the baths and teeth brushing a few times a week.

Watch above as the hilarious moms from What's Up Moms give us the skinny on their "Ways to shorten the bedtime routine..."

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