The What's Up Moms and friends have your back when it comes to thinking up the best excuses to get out of school commitments. Catch a new episode on "Moms Confess" every Tuesday exclusively on

By Melissa Willets
August 09, 2016

Back to school means back to requests for class moms, bake sales, PTA meetings, field trip chaperones, teacher appreciation brunch, book sales, and a bunch of other things you probably already conveniently “lost” the email about. But don’t feel bad if you’re a sucker for overcommitting—we’re all guilty of it!

Thankfully, we have the What's Up Moms to help us come up with excuses to get out of doing things we wish we'd never agreed to in the first place. Watch above as these refreshingly honest moms offer their "ways to get out of school commitments."

Pretty brill, huh? Why didn't we think of these excuses last year? Now, please share YOUR best excuses for getting out of school commitments in the comments below.

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