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By Melissa Willets
July 07, 2016

Husbands: they're our life partners, our soul mates, the ying to our yang...but sometimes, they are on a totally different wavelength! How else can you explain why they never replace a toilet paper roll, or pick up their laundry from the floor? Of course, we still love ‘em, but what's up with always "misplacing" their honey-do lists? And while they probably have plenty of complaints about us too, we’ll still never understand the times they failed spectacularly at seemingly simple parenting tasks, like dressing the kids, or remembering to pack an extra diaper! Sigh.

Watch above as the awesome moms from What's Up Moms share their answers to this question: "I can't stand when my husband..."

And yes, this is a trimmed down version of all the possible answers! Please share YOUR husband confessions in the comments below.

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