What's Up Moms Confess: I Can't Leave the House Without My...

The What's Up Moms and friends reveal the "essentials" that must be packed into their diaper bag or purse before heading out for the day. Catch a new episode on "Moms Confess" every Tuesday exclusively on Parents.com.

The What's Up Moms reveal the essential things they can't leave home without. Cheddar bunnies, anyone?

We've all done it—packed up the diaper bag and left the house with everything but the kitchen sink stuffed inside. Or so we thought. Because the minute we get to our destination, our kid suddenly needs the one thing we left behind—maybe it's water, or his pacifier, or a tiny pack of orange cheddar bunnies. Whatever it is, we don't have it. Which means we're pretty much screwed. Cue the massive meltdown.

And don't even get me started on what happens when we leave for the day without our own essentials in tow—you know, things like our cell phone and our much-needed afternoon iced coffee.

Watch above as the hilarious moms from What's Up Moms take on the question, "What's the one thing you can't leave home without..."

Sound familiar? Please share what YOU can't leave the house without in the comments below.

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