Meg Sullivan's dad peeled her oranges for her school lunches every single day until last day of high school. Then, "it was time."


As the saying goes, there are two types of people in the world: The ones who peel their own oranges, and the ones who ask someone else to do it for them.

OK, so that's not really a saying and I totally just made it up. But I still think it's true—or at least it is my family. I'm a peel-it-myself kid through and through and so is my son, who will happily tear into each piece of fruit with abandon. But my daughter—who's a firstborn, mind you—is a different story altogether. At just six weeks shy of 15, I think it's pretty safe to say that she has never once peeled her own orange. And somewhere deep down inside, I am pretty sure this is my fault.

She was a preemie, born eight weeks early, and so I tend to coddle her a little more than I should. Which is why I can totally relate to Washington dad Tom Sullivan, who has peeled his 18-year-old daughter Meg's oranges for her school lunch every single day since kindergarten. But last Wednesday, on Meg's last day of high school, Sullivan decided it was finally time to cut the cord. So he packed two unpeeled oranges in his daughter's lunch, then included a wikiHow sheet of instructions for peeling an orange, along with a handwritten note that said simply, "It's time baby girl."

Such a genius move. I am SO doing this in three years when my own daughter graduates! Although TBH, that sad, crying face Sullivan drew right there is totally me right now!

Anyway, Meg posted photos of the DIY lunch on Twitter, where it quickly went viral.

"I'm his last kiddo leaving for college this year, and you can tell he's really really sad about it," she told BuzzFeed. "He has always gone above and beyond and is easily the cutest and most caring man I'll ever know. It's gonna break my heart to leave him for college, no doubt."

She may just break a few nails peeling all her own oranges now, too.

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