The Hatchimal drama is far from over with a kinda funny but totally inappropriate development.

hatchimal swearing
Credit: Jiffy!/YouTube

In the latest installment of the ongoing Hatchimal drama, it seems some people think their sometimes-hatchable egg toys are saying something totally inappropriate.

First, you'll recall how Hatchimals were basically impossible to find in time for Christmas, with the furry little creatures going for as much as $250 on eBay and Amazon, as parents desperately tried to make their kids' holiday dreams come true. Some parents were lucky enough to buy Hatchimals in stores, but only after waiting hours on line to get their hands on the few products that were being shipped on specific dates.

Then customers blew up social media in the days following Christmas when many of the Hatchimals they'd purchased turned out to be duds and didn't hatch for hours, or at all. The problem was made worse by the fact that Spin Master, the company that manufactures the toys, was slow to get back to frustrated parents and their disappointed children.

Now, reports are surfacing that some Hatchimals sound like they are saying "f*ck me." Um, what? Well, just watch this video, posted to YouTube, to see and hear for yourself.

Or check out this video posted to our Parents Facebook page.

[iframe src="…" width="560" height="141" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowTransparency="true"][/iframe]

If that isn't proof enough, more customers are starting to take to social media to share videos of their swearing Hatchimals.

Yup. Told you so.

If my kid was playing with a toy that said this, I'll admit, my husband and I would laugh. But in all seriousness, do I really want my 3-year-old going to preschool and emulating what she's heard her Hatchimal say? That would be a "no."

Looks like Hatchimals were a major flop for more than a few irate consumers. Cue me doing a happy dance that, finally, I can stop feeling guilty that I couldn't buy them for my kids!

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