A school tells a little girl she can't bring her Wonder Woman lunchbox to school anymore because it violates its anti-violence dress code policy.

By Ellen Sturm Niz
August 31, 2015
Wonder Woman Lunch Box
Credit: Imgur

Wonder Woman has long been my superheroine of choice. I had a pair of Wonder Woman Underoos when I was about 5 years old, loved the '80s TV show starring Lynda Carter, and even dressed as her for Halloween two years ago as part of my family's superhero theme. She's an awesome, strong Amazonian princess fighting for justice, peace, love and women's rights—what's not to love? But, alas, some people have to take everything too far, so when one school banned students from having violent images on clothing or accessories, they decided a little girl's Wonder Woman lunchbox was not appropriate.

According to photos posted on Imgur of a metal lunch box feauring a smiling Wonder Woman with her Lasso of Truth and a letter allegedly from the school to the girl's parents, the girl, "Laura," is no longer allowed to bring her lunchbox to school because it violates the school's dress code policy, which prohibits any item featuring a violent image, including anything with an image of a superhero. "We have defined 'violent characters' as those who solve problems using violence. Superheroes certainly fall into that category," reads the letter.

Superheroes from comic books have a long history of being banned, as every so often our culture's fear of corrupting our children with the characters' "violent" ways erupts into censorship. In fact, the Comics Magazine Association of America established the Comics Code Authority way back in 1954 in response to public burnings and bannings because of the books' overly gory or sexual content. Books that met the "code" were given a seal of approval, which then helped them get advertisers and carried by newsstands. Comics largely followed the code until the early 2000s.

All this is to say that banning superheroes for being violent is nothing new, but that doesn't make it any less ridiculous. Especially when the character is not being depicted on the item in question doing anything violent! Plus, superheroes don't "solve problems using violence," as the school's letter states. They stop violence with violence.

Plus, superheroes, especially Diana Prince a.k.a. Wonder Woman, stand for qualities we should want in our kids. She is a compassionate and loving person, a calm ambassador, a confident and strong woman, and someone who's willing to help anyone in need. I know those are all qualities I want my daughter to have, and I'd let her carry a Wonder Woman lunchbox any day of the week.

Ellen Sturm Niz is a New York City-based editor and writer who wishes the Lasso of Truth were a real thing. Check out Ellen's new Etsy shop and follow her on Twitter and Pinterest.