We Totally Relate to This Mom's Hilarious Instagram Efforts

Snapping the perfect food photo to share on social media is pretty challenging with kids around.

Photo: Ania Waluda

"Don't touch it yet," I yell at my son as he brings his fork precariously close to the gorgeous slice of red velvet cake sitting between us on the table. "Lemme take a pic first."

Sad but true: food porn has become a huge thing on social media, particularly on Instagram, where images of rainbow bagels, avocado toast and big mugs of latte art reign supreme.

Search the hashtag #breakfastinbed on Insta, and you'll be rewarded with millions of square-cropped shots of immaculately styled trays topped with everything from sourdough french toast and chocolate chip pancakes to mason jars filled with chia pudding and big bowls of berries.

Go ahead, I'll wait.

But getting that perfect breakfast image isn't always easy, especially if you have kids. This is why blogger Ania Waluda decided to see what would happen if she tried to set up and record the "Perfect Insta Breakfast" for her family of four.

"I'm sure you've seen loads of Instagram or Pinterest pics of ideal breakfast in bed," she writes. "Perfectly brewed coffee, freshly baked croissants, mini pancakes arranged in a pyramid, topped with honey and exotic fruit and some delish smoothie... So yummy... I was wondering if such perfect breakfast in bed is possible for the family of four like ours."

Turns out, it was... well, sort of. "Making a breakfast tray look stunning takes a lot of skills," she explains. "Everything counts here. A coffee pot next to the grapefruit or granola bowl? One or two teaspoons? So many decisions to make and my people getting hungry..."

And while the busy mom is focused on meal prep, the pancakes keep disappearing! "The pyramid of 20 pancakes isn't as impressive as that one of 30," she says. "So I need to make more! Not to mention that making 30 small, same-size pancakes is not an easy thing to do. But finally, we've got it. The tray looks perfect. Time to snap an Instagram pic. But wait a sec! What am I wearing? Oh no!!! Forgot about the sheet. It must be the linen one. Ok, now everything seems to be ready. Let's sit down. No, not like that! The legs! Something's wrong with the legs. Oh, yeah... Now it's perfect. So I guess we're ready. Say cheese!!!. Yay!!!! We've got the pic!"

For about 15 seconds, Waluda says she feels like she's got the most popular image on Pinterest.

"It feels so amazing," she says. "But then... the kids enter the room... and it's a totally different story."

Hollee Actman Becker is a freelance writer, blogger, and a mom. Check out her website holleeactmanbecker.com for more, and follow her on Twitter at @holleewoodworld

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