We Love This Mom's Rant About the 'Fancy Moms' at the Bus Stop

Nicole Waters gets real about dealing with perfectly turned out Tennis Moms first thing in the morning.

Kids at Bus Stop
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You know what I love about winter? The fact that I can throw a pair of Uggs and a long puffer coat on over my pajamas to take my kids to school, and no one will be the wiser. What? It's hard enough getting out of the house every morning without worrying about looking like I have all my shiz together. This is why while I reluctantly put my game face on in the early fall and spring, the months of December to late March are always a welcome reprieve.

I bet Nicole Walters thinks so, too. The hilarious mom of three is currently going viral over on Facebook, for her all-too-real account of what it's like to deal with Bus Stop Moms.

"Have any of you ever had to deal with other moms at the bus stop?" she asks. "It's traumatic. I'm literally hiding in my house right now."

See, Walters has a six-year-old daughter who just started kindergarten. And she's having a bit of a hard time coming to grips with the well-turned-out moms at her kid's bus stop, the ones who show up in their perfectly pressed tennis clothes with steaming mugs of coffee each day. Walters, meanwhile, is currently bedecked in her outfit from the day before.

"I had to get my six-year-old ready," she explains. "So I grabbed what was on my bathroom floor and I put it on again. And I put on my bonnet. Don't judge me."

We wouldn't dare! We love a hot mess mama who keeps it real—especially one crafty enough to send her blazer-clad nanny to the bus stop instead, while she intrepidly ventures outside to crouch behind a bush and film the whole ridiculous scene.

How do you deal with the Bus Stop Mamas?

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