We Are All Drew Barrymore When Her Daughter Throws an Epic Tantrum at Disney World

We love Barrymore's perspective on the inevitable Disney-induced meltdown all toddlers experience.

Any parent who has taken their child to Disney World knows this universal truth: They will all melt down at some point; it's just a matter of time. Having visited the theme park with my kids on several occasions, I'm used to seeing little ones drop left and right. And I'm always thinking the same thing, which is that I'm glad it's not my turn, but I know my turn is coming.

Even Drew Barrymore, mom of almost-3-year-old Frankie and almost-5-year-old Olive, isn't immune to "Disney meltdown syndrome;" or I should say, her daughters aren't. The star of (my favorite show!!) The Santa Clarita Diet recently shared her experience dealing with an epic tantrum at the ironically nicknamed "happiest place on earth" during an appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers.

"It all ends at some point in mayhem," Barrymore told Meyers about taking kids to Disneyland or Disney World.

The actress then shared a photo of her daughter literally lying on the ground at the park, while her famous mama looks on. Barrymore explains that she'd wanted to chase a duck, but was told "no." And this was Olive's reaction.

"In hindsight, as a parent, you have these revelations, like, I should have let her catch it," the celeb mama relatably says. Haven't we all had these moments? After all, as Barrymore explains, either Olive would have caught the dang bird, or she wouldn't have. And then, whatever!

The really funny thing is that a moment later, Barrymore shares another photo of Olive losing it during a trip to Disneyland. See? Temper tantrums are inevitable. Because you figure that you're at Disney, so you might as well push it, and try to do and see everything you can. Like Barrymore, you skip the nap, and just go, go, go...until your kiddos just totally crash.

Of course, once that moment happens, there really isn't anything you can do other than ride it out. Or hope they fall asleep, which is kind of like hitting a reset button that will buy you time until the next epic meltdown!

How do you deal with epic meltdowns in public?

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