Finding out they aren't 100 percent identical is just too much to take for these toddler twins.

By Melissa Willets
October 31, 2016

A viral YouTube video featuring the adorable 3-year-old McClure twins shows them learning they are identical...but not in every single way. And this news is, apparently, devastating.

"SO FUNNY! the twins realize they look alike, but then Alexis has a meltdown upon realizing Ava is 1-minute older...but THEN Ava has a meltdown because Alexis is taller!" mom Ami McClure captioned the clip.

The McClure Twins/YouTube

First, McClure asks her daughters, "Does she look like your face?"

The girls look at one another. "Yes!" Giggles abound.

But then...Alexis finds out Ava is older than her, because she was born 1 minute earlier. And this does not sit well with her.

The McClure Twins/YouTube

"But I want to be older!" Alexis whines. Then her face crumbles. The struggle is real.

Adorably, Ava attempts to comfort her dismayed twin. "I'm just one minute older," she reassures Alexis, who is still not having it.

"I wanna grow," she says through her tears. So McClure encourages the twins to stand up and see that they are both the same height. And, oops. Lexi is a little bit taller; by about half an inch. Now it's Ava's turn to fall apart.

The McClure Twins/YouTube

But Alexis has redemption! "See, I'm bigger," she announces.

McClure is still trying to explain that they are both growing, despite their one minute and half-inch differences. It's a tough message for 3-year-olds, clearly. Don't worry, Ami. They'll get it one day!

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