Watch This Viral Video of a Little Boy's Adorable Message to His Mom

This mom was at the hospital all set to deliver Baby No. 6 when her son shared the cutest message urging her to come back home. We're melting!

mom and son holding hands
Photo: GSPhotography/Shutterstock

Motherhood can feel like a thankless job...but then there are moments when your kids stop and tell you how much they need you—and those moments? Well, there's nothing more rewarding.

One mom just experienced this....on the day she welcomed another baby, no less! A viral video shows a little boy next to his mom while she's in labor. Labor can be a pretty emotional experience, but we can only imagine that this sweet exchange gave the mother of six even more feelings: Her son repeatedly tells his mama he needs her, and it's the cutest thing.

"They can take her out tomorrow!...We need you 'cause we need a mama...I don't need no brothers and no dad, I need you," he tells her.

...And just like that, we imagine all the pain of labor, all the sleepless nights and all the chaos of raising little people felt like nothing in comparison to the joy and sense of accomplishment this mama felt.

When did you feel most needed by your kiddos?

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