Watch This Little Entrepreneur See the Results of His Hard Work: A Pony!

This 7-year-old boy saved up for a pony for two years—by making and selling lemonade. And the moment he sees his pony for the first time is heart-melting.

Sabastian Pony
Photo: CNN/YouTube

You can get a pony...just as soon as you can pay for it. For most parents, this sort of declaration would be a pretty safe bet.

But not Sabastian Lucas. The 7-year-old Australian horse fanatic sold homemade lemonade for two years, saving his profits to buy his dream pony. This wasn't pocket change like the corner lemonade stand of your childhood; Sabastian raised a whopping total of $3,000 between his lemonade sales, birthday money and even contributions from the tooth fairy.

His mom, Juliana Kent, filmed Sabastian's reaction to meeting his new pet and the results are heartmelting. She told Today that her son always wanted a horse "that looked like a unicorn" and the gorgeous white pony waiting for him in the barn looked the part. Sabastian burst into tears when he saw his unicorn look-alike waiting for him.

Lucas's entire family is full of industrious spirit. His parents own a paints store and he was brought up around the family business. That might explain the young entrepreneur's success in turning a cardboard box into a wooden stand stocked with old-fashioned lemonade and raspberry iced tea.

"Sabastian probably doesn't even know it is work," Kent told Today. "It's just normal in our routine to work all day, and to whistle while we work. And the harder you work, the bigger and better the prize is at the end of the game."

Sabastian Lemonade for Pony
NewsBeat Social/YouTube

There were no shortcuts for this big dreamer. Sabastian cooked the syrup, bottled the lemonade and spent extra time decorating bottles with handmade labels. His parents, impressed by his hard work, decided it was time the much-fantasized about pony became reality. Kent found "Tom" and when she revealed the new addition to the family to her kids, she was overwhelmed with emotion just like them.

"Never tell your children they cannot achieve something, because anything is possible if you wish hard enough and work just as hard," Kent said. "Activate your children's dreams and embrace every little bit of the journey along the way, because they are children for only a very short time."

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