Ashonti Dixon was so appalled with the unsanitary conditions in a school restroom that she took to Facebook Live to rant about it. And that rant is now bringing about some much-needed change!

By Hollee Actman Becker

When Georgia mom Ashonti Dixon popped into the bathroom at her son's middle school during a chorus performance, she was so disgusted by the lack of soap dispensers, missing stall doors, inoperable toilets, and the single roll of toilet paper on the floor that she decided to rant about it in a now-viral live Facebook video.


"I just wanted to let y'all see how this bathroom looks," she began, panning around to show stalls with broken doors and black trash bags covering the toilet seats. "This little girl came in here and I had to stand guard like how we do in the club. This right here is crazy. Who wants to use tissue that's been on the floor? Nobody, because our vaginas matter. They really do."

Though disturbing—the restroom definitely looks like something out of a 70s horror flick—the video is also hilarious, thanks to Dixon's ability to improv. Which is why it wasn't long before the outspoken mom was contacted by WSBTV Channel 2 to talk about how the unsanitary bathrooms in the school aren't safe or fair to the children.

"I have been in this community my whole life," she explained in an update on Facebook. "I love my community. I love the children at the Lithonia middle school. I'm trying to fight for us. WE NEED CHANGE."

A DeKalb County School representative told Channel 2 that Dixon's video shows the restroom before it was cleaned by custodians and was restocked with soap and paper products. The rep added that all the stall doors will be replaced over the next two weeks—though Dixon says she was told the bathroom would be repaired last year.

"I had so many emotions when I saw that bathroom look the same way it did last year," she said. "I was shocked. Nothing is changing."

Hopefully it will now, thanks to one passionate mom who wasn't afraid to use her voice to make a difference. Slay, Ashonti!

Hollee Actman Becker is a freelance writer, blogger, and mom of two who writes about parenting and pop culture. Check out her website for more, and then follow her on Instagram and Twitter.


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