Becoming a mom changes everything. Even your yoga pants.

By Hollee Actman Becker
September 02, 2016

Being a mom changes you. Or rather, it changes the way you interact with everyday items. Just ask Tova, the hilarious blogger behind this all-too-real video rant about the things we use differently once we get preggers and start popping out the kids.

From cell phones to ear plugs, Tova lets loose about how motherhood transforms normal objects into totally different tools. Thought wet wipes were just for diaper changing? Think again. We're pretty sure she's found the secret to a clean house.

And her take on yoga pants totally explains why all our outfits always incorporate stretchy athletic wear.

Before becoming a mom, Tova says she wore yoga pants whenever she did yoga. But these days, she wears her yoga pants whenever she's NOT doing yoga. "In fact the only time I don't wear yoga pants," she elaborates, "is when I do yoga. Because I don't do yoga anymore."

Watch the full video below to see Tova's entire hysterically honest rant.

We feel you, mama. Preach!

By the way, a mommy hide-out in the car just before bath time? This idea is beyond brilliant and we are SO stealing it. Raise your hand (or your glass of wine) if you can relate.

Hollee Actman Becker is a freelance writer, blogger, and a mom. Check out her website for more, and then follow her on Twitter at @holleewoodworld.