These young girls impersonate role models like Hillary Clinton, Amy Schumer, and Beyonce in a video compilation of 2015's biggest girl-power moments.
Hillary Clinton mini me
Credit: GoldieBlox/YouTube

Warning: GoldieBlox's epic year-end video recap may make you feel empowered enough to run the world.

Featuring what may just be the coolest-ever posse of young girls impersonating everyone from Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Beyonce, the just-released video was designed to celebrate today's courageous female role models and the generation of girls they've inspired.

We were seriously hooked from the minute this thing opened with Internet sensation Sophia Grace's rousing voiceover: "Hillary is in the house! Notorious RBG! Viola Davis on stage like whaaaat!"

Set to a to remix of Fifth Harmony's validating pop anthem "Worth It," the impressive mini-me's—each already a young YouTube star in her own right—then proceeded to pay tribute to 10 of the biggest female-power moments of 2015.

There's a pint-size Hillary Clinton kickin' it in the Oval, a tiny Viola Davis taking a bow while accepting her Emmy, a mini Abby Wambaugh doing her signature victory dance, and a bespeckled Justice RBG supporting same-sex marriage while digging into a serious slice of wedding cake.

Other highlights include younger versions of Jen Welter making plays as the first female NFL coach, Misty Copeland busting out the moves as the first African-American principal ballerina, Isis Wenger proving #ilooklikeanengineer, and Amy Schumer getting her contour as a means of busting on society's ridiculous beauty standards. Even a mini Nicki Minaj and Beyonce made the cut, in a perfect re-enactment of the duo's "Feeling Myself" video.

And lest you already forgot about Miss Sophia Grace, she comes rolling back out at the end via hoverboard to confidently announce: "From running the field to running the world... Girl Power 2015! There is nothing we cannot accomplish as girls!"

True story.

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