Watch: The Cringeworthy Moment Dad Is Interrupted by His Kids on Live TV

During a live interview with the BBC, this professor dad was interrupted by not one, but two of his children, and he was clearly mortified.

I remember the first time I was asked to appear as a guest on HuffPost Live. I hired a babysitter to watch my three kids, but still felt somewhat terrified that they'd barge into the room where I was taping and make a ruckus. Ironically enough, the segment was about family dynamics. So I suppose, had one of my kiddos made a cameo, I could have easily laughed it off. But still, I'd wanted to come off as a professional, without distractions.

Luckily, everything turned out okay. Too bad I can't say the same for Professor Robert E. Kelly, a dad who appeared on the BBC for a segment on world politics. As you can see in this video, while making his quite-serious remarks, his toddler bursts into the room and starts performing a silly dance for the camera.

Once he notices the interloper, Kelly kinda swats her away, which feels a little icky to watch. But maybe he was truly caught off guard, and was not at all prepared to handle the awkward interruption. Too bad this interview was about to get a lot worse. Because right behind the big sis, a baby rolls into the room in a walker.

"Pardon me," Kelly apologizes, looking mortified. Next, his wife rushes into the room to scoop up the children. But the process is far from swift, as she knocks over what looks like a book off a nearby table, and struggles to fit the walker back through the door frame. The last thing we see is the mama crawling back into the room to shut the door.


The entire episode could have gone a lot more smoothly had Kelly made a lighthearted joke to defuse the tension. But in the end, I understand how he may have felt; because sometimes you just want to be taken seriously as a professional, and take off your parenting hat, if even just for a moment. I feel for this dad, and for the mom too! I can't even imagine the conversation after he got off air!

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