During a family vacation to Disney, two kids were surprised with the news that they would be adopted by their foster parents.

By Melissa Willets
July 19, 2017
Credit: Courtesy Courtney Gilmour

We just got back from a special trip to Disney, so a video shared by mom Courtney Gilmour of Mickey helping her tell her foster kids about their adoption date really touched my heart.

The video of the life-changing character meet-and-greet has gone viral on Facebook, with more than 1.4 million views at time of writing. It shows 12-year-old Janielle and 10-year-old Elijah meeting Mickey Mouse, and a huge surprise that awaits them.

After having the Disney icon sign the siblings' autograph books, the huge fans are excited when Mickey wants to play a card game with them. But that's not the end of the fun. A family photo including Janielle, Elijah, Gilmour, her husband Tom, and Aunt Vicki, who shot the video, isn't complete without something special their aunt has to share with them.

The kids, who have lived with the Gilmours for three years, are soon presented with a sign that informs them of their upcoming adoption day. Janielle and Elijah are overwhelmed with emotion, and we dare you not to cry, too.

Credit: Courtesy Courtney Gilmour

The Gilmours come in for a group hug and photo with Mickey, and it's truly a magical moment with tears and smiles all around.

According to Babble, after seeing a social media post about their plans to announce the adoption on property, Disney employees helped the Gilmours truly make this moment special by arranging the private meet-and-greet opportunity. The thrilled mom told the site, "My favorite part was hearing the kids start to read the sign and seeing the pure excitement. I can never ever redo that feeling." She added, "The kids were floating afterwards and just so excited!"

Gilmour told Parents.com, "Now that the video has gone viral, I just hope it gets at least one more person involved in foster care to help these amazing children out there that need us."

Congrats to the entire family!

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