You have to see this video of a hearing in which the judge asked a 5-year-old boy to decide his dad's punishment for a parking infraction.


He's only 5 years old, but one Rhode Island boy is already doling out justice from a judge's courthouse bench. His name is Jacob, and a video of an adorable incident in which he got to decide a punishment for his dad has been viewed more than 12 million times on Facebook at time of writing.

When a father is brought before a judge for a parking ticket, the kindhearted arbiter of the law invites his son to sit on his lap.

Jacob informs the judge he wants to be a pizza cook when he grows up. Then they get down to business. His dad parked illegally and the judge tells Jacob he can either pay a fine of $90, $30, or nothing.

"What do you think I should do?" the mild-mannered magistrate asks Jacob.

Jacob quickly answers that his day should pay $30. But the judge makes a deal with the boy: If his dad takes him out for breakfast, he'll dismiss the charges. Jacob quickly agrees as his dad looks on with pride.

"I want you to order a lot of stuff because he's going to be saving $30," the judge quips.

"This kid's going places," one commenter to the Facebook video wrote.

Another writes, "Small crime but touching that some figures in authority show these young children there are right paths to take and define themselves as role models rather then [sic] making these children scared and see these people as something that only wants to make life difficult!"

Yet another commenter wrote, "We need more judges like that, he treated the parent with compassion instead of putting him down in front of his son, and the boy will remember that not all law enforcers are mean."

I would just hope this dad also takes a moment to talk to Jacob about how what he did was wrong, and that you won't always be let off the hook so easily!

What do you think of this judge's method of doling out a punishment?

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