A French father offers a realistic but comforting explanation to his son about the terror attacks in Paris.
French father and son after terror attacks
Credit: Le Petit Journal/YouTube

A French television interview of a father and son in front of the Bataclan concert hall memorial in Paris offers one of the most uplifting moments to come out of the horrifying terrorist attacks.

In the clip, the young boy tells a reporter he worries their family needs to move to a new home in the wake of the violence.

"France is our home," his father reassures him.

The tot responds that he's worried about the "bad guys." "Yes, but there's bad guys everywhere," the dad tells his shaken son.

When the little boy protests that flowers and candles placed at the memorial site can't do anything to ward off men with guns, his father responds, "Look, do you want to lay some flowers? It's to fight against the guns."

Then the sweet dad assures his little boy the flowers offer protection. He adds that the candles help to remember the people who have left us.

Not only am I thankful for this French father's words of hope and love, as I also struggle with how to explain what happened in Paris to my children—I can also relate to his sentiment about France being his home. I feel the same way about the New York City area; nothing could make me leave it.

This is my home, and I firmly believe we cannot let fear keep us from pursuing our lives freely, where we please.

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