The celebrity dad posted a video to Instagram in which he's giving bass-fishing instructions to his adorable 3-year-old son Jack.

Celebrity dad Chris Pratt teaches son Jack to fish.
Credit: Instagram/Chris Pratt

Is Chris Pratt the best husband and dad ever?

First, the actor gushed about his wife Anna Faris and their 3-year-old son Jack when he went up on stage to accept the Best Action Performance award for his role in Jurassic World at the MTV Movie Awards on Saturday.

Then the next day, the devoted dad took to Instagram to share the most adorable video of himself in the great outdoors, teaching Jack how to fish.

"This kid will be my partner in the bass masters pro am when he's old enough," Pratt wrote in the caption. "We'll take the bass fishing world by storm."

In the clip, Jack is standing at the edge of a pond with a red fishing rod, while dad, off camera behind him, instructs him how to cast his line. "Go back a little bit, on the side, and over the top and let go."

The little fisherman does as he is told, sending his line flying into the water and excitedlly yelling "Yes!" as it hits the pond with a small splash.

"Great cast," Pratt tells him. "Now, reel it in slow and feel for nibbles."

So Jack slowly reels it in, then squats down to peer at the line, only to find....well, nothing there.

"That didn't work!" he says, as his dad laughs in the background.

Don't feel too bad, though. The fishing lesson may have ended in success after all. Pratt posted another shot to Insta of his ridiculously cute kid holding up an actual bass.

"This little dude is bass fishing crazy," he wrote. "Just like his daddy!"

Whether Jack actually caught the fish himself or whether Pratt reeled it in for him, we'll never know. Nor do we care. Give your kid a fish, and he'lll eat for a day. Teach your kid to fish, and we'll watch it over and over and over...

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