This new advertisement from Smyths Toys is breaking gender stereotypes one sparkly pink tiara at a time.

By Hollee Actman Becker
September 29, 2016

We are SO in love with this bold new ad from British retailer Smyths Toys Superstores for the way it tackles gender stereotypes head on.

Set to the tune of Beyoncé's 2008 hit single "If I Were a Boy," the spot features a little dude named Oscar singing "If I Were a Toy" while imagining all the fun stuff he could do if he could magically turn himself into some of the cool playthings he finds while browsing around the store.


The entire video is only 40 seconds long, but in that time we get to see the little guy soaring into space as a rocket, taking flight in a Lego spaceship, busting a move on Dance, Dance Revolution until his batteries run out...and yes, ruling the land as a queen while decked out in a sparkly tiara and long, pink gown.

So. Much. Yes!

The ad was released over the weekend, and not surprisingly, approval quickly poured in over on Twitter where, using the #IfIWereAToy hashtag, people came out in force to thank the retailer for encouraging kids to play with any toy they want, regardless of gender.

"I am in love with this advert!" wrote one user. "I know plenty of little boys who would love to be princesses."

"I could cry with joy!" added another. "Thank you @SmythsToysUK for helping banish stereotypes!"

And from a third:

"@SmithToyUK your new advert is the best you've ever done! HOW CUTE!! you made the boy a queen."

And for that, we all #BowDown.

Hollee Actman Becker is a freelance writer, blogger, and a mom. Check out her website for more, and then follow her on Twitter at @holleewoodworld.


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