No touchscreen? Kid wonders how the heck to use an old Nintendo gaming console.

Credit: amurise/FOAP

My daughters can't believe I used to have to be at home to receive a phone call. Or that you couldn't fast-forward through commercials when I was a little girl. So I had to laugh when I saw a video of a little girl who can't figure out how to play her dad's Gameboy Color, a Nintendo gaming device that was discontinued 14 years ago.

[iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen][/iframe]

The 12-second clip has been watched over 2.2 million times on YouTube. All you see is the child jabbing her finger on the screen to no avail. And in the end, the fact that the device doesn't have a touchscreen is just too frustrating for words!

The little girl's dad also shared the video in a post to Reddit, where it received over 1,800 comments in which many people waxed nostalgic about missing their old Gameboys. Others commiserated with the father about their kids (or grandparents!) not knowing how to use devices without touchscreens, like Blackberrys. Other commenters expressed fear that kids are going to understand technology better than we do.

I'm with those folks! I have no doubt that my kids are going to eventually run circles around my ability to use computers, tablets and other portable devices. Okay, fine. They already do. But if typewriters or VCRs ever come back in favor, I'm so gonna have a leg up!

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