A hilarious new video from The Breakwomb explains how mothers can compete with those annoying supermoms by just making up awesome accomplishments.

The secret to being a super mom? Knowing how to lie about it.

In a hilarious and totally on-point video by the Breakwomb, comedians Molly Erdman, Laurel Coppock, and Megan Grano school us in the nuances of dealing with all those bragging parents and over-achieving super moms we come across on the playground.

"I just start lying about stuff and then I instantly feel better about it," Molly explains.

"I want to do that!" Laurel chimes in.

"You totally can," Molly tells her. "You just have to practice making stuff up!"

So brilliant! Why didn't we think of this?

The awesome threesome then starts working on perfecting their skills for rapid-fire faux one-upmanship.

"We brought a LOT of toys to the playground today," begins Molly.

"We brought a drone," Megan counters.

"We brought our own sand," Laurel fires off in retaliation. "It's artisanal sand.... We got it on goop. That's Gwyneth Paltrow's website."

Mic drop.

Not to be outdone, Molly then reveals—during a heated convo about serving their kids organic seasonal vegetables and making their own compost—that her family has their own Meyer lemon tree.

"We shuck our own corn," Megan says.

"I mix my own makeup," Laurel strikes back.

"I can smell," Megan sniffs.

I don't know about you guys, but I could seriously watch this stuff all day!

Laurel, who actually wrote all the awesome comebacks in the video, told Today that while she doesn't like to criticize other moms on the regular, the parody came from the fact that she really does run into these types of highly competitive parents at the park.

"Sometimes moms will tell you everything they are doing with their kid and it can get to be fever-inducing after a while to listen to," she said. "Maybe they've got their 2-year old in art classes and the art the child is churning out is getting framed for their walls and now friends want to buy the art. Meanwhile, my 2-year old only draws on my walls."

Wanna bet it's with that homemade lipstick?

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