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I live next door to three adorable children who are among the happiest kids I know. They have an endless amount of energy and I can hear them laughing every day. Something else I've noticed? They are always playing out front or in their backyard. Whether it's snowing or it's 90 degrees, these kids find a way to enjoy the outdoors. As it turns out, there may be a connection between their happiness and the amount of time they spend outside. We got an exclusive first-look at Happify's latest infographic, which shows that nature is really, really good for your kids--and for you as well.

Here are three reasons you should encourage your kids to spend less time in front of the TV and more time enjoying some fresh air:

1. Kids who spent 5-10 hours a week outside said they felt more peaceful.

2. Children ages 5-18 with ADHD saw a significant decrease in their symptoms.

3. For every park located within a half-mile from home, boys were 60% more likely to walk around in their free time and girls were twice as likely to walk to school.

And now some reasons why you should make time to enjoy some sunshine:

1. Going outside is a great way to fight back against "mom brain." Memory and attention improved 20% after people spent an hour in nature.

2. It turns out that the walking groups in my neighborhood are really onto something. Gathering up your fellow moms (or dads) and going on a quick stroll around the block can lessen stress and depression while boosting mental health.

3. Think you're too busy to reap the benefits of the outdoors? It turns out that you can improve your mental health in as little as 5 minutes by exercising in nature.

See the infographic is its entirety below, which also features helpful tips for people who live in cities.


Hannah Werthan is the associate social media editor for She appreciates her 20-minute walk to the train a little more now that she knows she's de-stressing at the same time. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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