This talented kid's bullies need to watch out for Idina Menzel!


Perhaps you saw the viral video of a 9-year-old boy named Luke Chacko singing "Let It Go" in front of the song's original, and amazing, vocalist Idina Menzel. Chills, right?

Well now, the Grand Prairie, Texas talent is 11, and his 10 seconds of fame is far from over. Chacko recently visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show where he confirmed that Menzel is still his fav singer. Luckily, she had a surprise for him.

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In a clip of the show, we see the self-taught vocalist admit to DeGeneres he is bullied at school a lot. Chacko says kids call him gay and a girl. He said it's hard, and that "I'm not really that." He added, "I'm a rubber man of steel." Um, interesting... and so totally cute!

Words are just words that bounce off of him, the brave little boy tells the talk show host. Yeah, that's when Idina Menzel awesomely sneaks up behind Chacko, and totally surprises him!

Chills again! And P.S., the Frozen star seems so cool, I totally want to be her BFF, too. Because the star was 100 percent about being in her biggest fan's corner. "You go home and you tell those kids if they bother you, I'm going to come kick their ass, okay?" Menzel told Chacko.

I mean, she's small, but tough. I'd be scared, kids who are making fun of Luke. And if Menzel isn't bad ass enough on her own, I have no doubt DeGeneres would step in to support her mini-guest, too.

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Here's hoping every bullied kid has someone awesome like Menzel in their corner!

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